Thursday, 26 July 2012


Pre-Orders for the Natural Order 7" are now available from our webstore at

There are various options including limited shirts and coloured vinyl. We have put up the song "Meat Wagons" to compliment this.

The streets are filled with the sounds of open war
The fires burn freely through this nation’s cancered core
Why are you surprised that it’s come to this
Kick a dog for long enough and it will bear its teeth
Can’t articulate what they see
So they express themselves wordlessly
That brick is Dostoyevski the burning car is Hemingway
Sometimes when you have less than nothing
Comes the chance to be truly free
You made them eat from the floor now
Nothing scares them anymore
They’ll take what’s yours

1 comment:

  1. Just got my copy of the 7". Loving it!
    But... Is it just me or is the tracklist/lyric sheet in the wrong order than the one on the actual record?